Our story:

A group of designers who came from different parts of the world and met in Los Angeles, California. Each used to freelance independently and then decided to combine their different experiences and skill-sets into one comprehensive service. 

We share many things in the team but the one thing that stands out: our passion for what we each do. Work for us is essentially doing what we love and what we enjoy. 


We are big fans of all the new advances in design technology and do our best to always take advantage of the latest software and hardware tools. Always adapting to change and hoping to be change-makers in the near future! 

What we provide:

We provide quality service that is based on clear communication, deep understanding of the project goals with high regard to efficiency and accuracy of the work we create.

In the residential design realm, we have worked on many remodeling projects with remodeling companies, investors and homeowners. Our use of 3D modeling and visualization of the projects helped everyone involved in the project to really know the outcome and avoid any last minute surprises.

When it comes to consulting and tutoring, our approach is very customized to provide a great learning experience. 
We customize the training experience to match the student's skills, experience and preferred learning method whether they are learning the software from A-Z or touching on certain subjects of the software. 


We love to talk:

Please feel free to reach us through the chat button or the contact form for any inquiries related to our services or to see any openings in the team.  

Jay Jarrah


20929 Ventura Blvd , Ste 47-360
Woodland Hills, CA 91364

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